Saturday, January 17, 2015

Popcorn Reading and Mrs. G

I wrote this poem in college in my first ELAR pedagogy class.  In true slacker form I asked if I could take the early literacy experience writing response and respond with a poems as opposed to the essay requested.  The teacher was thrilled with the idea of my creativity and "risk taking" with writing.  I was actually just exhausted from all the fun I was having and wanted a quicker product.  Never the less, here it is.  A very dyslexic's child's view of Popcorn Reading.  Enjoy!

Ode to Popcorn Reading
By: Mrs. G
Oh popcorn reading let me count the ways,
The dread of you filled my elementary school days.
Words on the pages melted bellow my finger tips,
And I could never get the words to roll off my lips.
I would bury my head in my books,
While avoiding my classmates searching looks.
Oh No! I am caught,
All my thoughts are racing through what I have been taught.
My hands are clammy and I begin to sweat,
It can't really be my turn just yet.
Okay, I can do it,
After all it is just English lit.
Five measly sentences is all I have to read.
It will go by much quicker if I pick up the speed.
I hold my breath and race through the page,
It's all because popcorn reading has put me in a rage.
My eyes bug out,
And my lips turn into a pout.
My heart pounds and I think of running to the door,
And just when I think I can't take it anymore.
I call on the smartest kid in the class,
Because I know if I popcorn them they won't kick my …
Oh popcorn reading I hate you.